Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are designed to carry large loads over a desired distance. The belts themselves operate as a continuous loop and are generally required to move at a very speed regardless of loading. They are usually used heavy industrial operations and are generally performing mission critical functions. Therefore buyer of conveyor belts need to be sure they are selecting high quality products that are reliable and perform as specified.

RTI conveyor belts

As specialist providers of conveyor belts, RTI supplies belts for both general materials handling and for bulk materials handling in heavy industries.

Agricultural grain belts
Mining & minerals ore movement belts
Factory assembly lines
Moving walkways

High quality

RTI belts are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials. This allows RTI to supply belts that offer:

  • Increased value for money
  • Longer design life and greater durability
  • Higher impact and abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced breaking strength
  • Increased resistance to stretching
  • Greater stress absorption
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Greater protection against perforation
  • Improved resistance to deformation
  • Heat, oil and grease resistance, and all weather capability

Custom made products

Whilst some applications are suitable for standard conveyor belts, many RTI customers have unique product requirements. The specialist conveyor belts teams at RTI work with customers to ensure belt products are developed to meet the exact needs.

Super strong polyester cord
Nylon cord
Steel cord
Steel fleximat
Variable rubber hardness
Resistance to specific materials
Smooth covers
Chevron covers
Variable profiles