About RTI Group GmbH

RTI Group GmbH is a successfully developing company in the European and Asian markets. The company carries out continuous development to improve the quality of manufactured spares, both independently and in cooperation with major manufacturers. RTI Group GmbH manufactures products under its own brand “RTI” registered in many countries of the world and works with partners of the company not only for the sale of its own products, but also provides exclusive rights to use the brand “RTI” on the terms of franchise agreements. In addition, RTI Group GmbH owns a major trading company in Kokshetau (Kazakhstan) Rubber Technical Items LLP.

RTI Group GmbH has extensive experience in the production and sale of spares for all possible types of technical equipment in agriculture and industry, which is confirmed by the international quality management certificate for compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

The history of many years of international experience of RTI Group GmbH in the market of spares for agricultural companies began in 2002 with the creation of a family business to sell spares for agricultural machinery for small and medium farms in Kazakhstan.

After 2 years of successful work this company and all its employees have strengthened their position in the market of spares (consumables) for the whole range of agricultural machinery in Kazakhstan. In addition, the company was able to develop its potential in selling spares for other industries: mining, construction, etc.

With the increasing number of clients in the company, and primarily with the continuous development of Mechanical Engineering, the requirements to the offered products also grew. This fact prompted its beginners in 2005 to start a series of own developments in the field of improving the quality and durability of the products offered.

The result of this work was the Company’s successful entry into the CIS market in 2007 and supply of the smallest to the largest CIS agricultural companies with the highest quality products for the agricultural and automotive industries.

In 2010, the Company reorganized its operations, which facilitated its entry into the European market. This year the company RTI Manufacturing Group Ltd was established in London (UK).

In 2015, due to the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, the company was renamed into RTI Group GmbH and moved to Munster (Germany).

The main requirement of RTI Group GmbH is to manufacture and sell “RTI” brand products only from high quality raw materials using modern equipment that meets all German and international quality standards, which allows us to offer our customers only first-class products that are reliable and safe in operation at competitive prices.

Quality: Passionate about quality

  • We ensure quality is designed into our products
  • We select only the best raw materials
  • Our production facilities have rigorous quality testing standards which require quality control checks at each stage of the production process. This continual systemised checking procedure results in products that we are proud of and that our customers can rely on.

Partnership: understanding our clients

We have a simple stand: to be there when our clients need us. To achieve this, we work hard to understand our customers’ commercial and equipment needs. We take pride in the fact that our quality requirements also apply to customer service. This enables us to develop and strengthen long-term relationships and helps us to ensure that we have the right products at the right time and at the right price.

Custom-made: Made especially for you

At RTI Group GmbH we understand that customers sometimes need parts that are in short supply or that are designed for special equipment. Sometimes they are spares for old machines, sometimes for completely new machinery and sometimes for foreign machines. Our team of sales managers and engineers work closely with customers to ensure, under all possible circumstances, that all specific inquiries and unusual products have been made just in time and in accordance with all accepted standards. This unique service allows us to work with clients from various industries.