RTI V-Belts

RTI V-belts are one of the basic methods of power transmission, and are widely used across the world. Their design ensures mechanical power is utilised efficiently without placing undue load on bearings, pulleys and engines.

RTI has a specialist manufacturing facility which has taken the basic design features and has improved these using advanced production techniques and computer driven machines. Only the highest quality raw materials are used, including special chloroprene rubber and very strong polyester hard cord.

The result is high quality V-belts, which are low stretch and maintenance free, virtually eliminating the need for re-tensioning. This makes the RTI V-belts particularly suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Longer life
  • Improved cost effectiveness
  • Increase in performance by up to 20%
  • Lighter weight and improved energy saving
  • Increased levels of stretch resistance and protection against sudden loads
  • High level of abrasion resistance
  • Oil resistant
  • High level of heat resistance
  • Anti-static dust protection
  • Wide operating temperature range -45 to +95°C

RTI manufactures a wide range of V-belts in multiple sections. The size of this range means RTI can offer V-belts to suit any application.

Optimum series

  • Classical wrapped V-belts
  • Narrow wrapped V-belts
  • Banded wrapped V-belts
  • Wrapped variable speed V-belts

Extra strong series

  • Classical section raw-edge V-belts
  • Classical section raw edge cogged V-belts
  • Narrow section raw edge V-belts
  • Narrow section raw edge cogged V-belts
  • Poly ribbed belts
  • Super strong variable speed raw edge cogged V-belts

Custom made belts

For customers with specialised machinery or unique operating demands, RTI can offer custom made belts, specifically designed to match exact requirements.