Hydraulic hoses, rubber and PVC hoses

Hydraulic hoses provide a vitally important task in transmitting power and in managing control systems. The hoses are required to operate with high pressures and in harsh environments, so selecting the right product to give a long service life is essential.

Agriculture Manufacturing Construction
Mining Material handing Waste processing
Oil and Gas Automotive Transportation

RTI supplies a range of hoses which are manufactured to internationally recognised standards, ensuring that the quality and reliability are at the highest level.

  • Exceptional value for money
  • High quality providing low maintenance and long operating life
  • Wide range of fluid compatibility
  • Safer with high operating pressures
  • Rubber reinforced with super strong braided steel wire
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Weather resistant
  • Industry standard compatible fittings

For customers requiring hoses for water, fuel, chemical, irrigation systems, RTI offers a range of high quality rubber and PVC hoses, designed to operate in rigorous industrial environments whilst providing optimum flow control.